A bit about us

We moved to East Trayne in September 2014. 

Having spent the majority of our working life in Berkshire, our children having grown up and moved away, we decided that the time was right to make a big change in our lives and leave our regular life for an adventure.

As soon as we saw the property, we knew that it had everything that we were looking for.  A lovely farmhouse, lots of land and space around us and beautiful barns, ripe for conversion.  Wasting no time, we applied for and were granted planning permission and began the building work in March 2016. 

It has taken us a relatively short period of time, in retrospect, to create the beautiful holiday cottages that we have today, being blessed with the best of builders and craftsman in the local area, who all take an exceptional amount of pride in their work.  You will see this in the internal and external finish on the barns.

We will continue to develop both the smallholding and the cottages in the forthcoming years and we hope that you come back time and again to enjoy it with us.


Adele and Richard Poole



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