The Farm

Richard and I are happy amateurs attempting to work our 11 acres as a smallholding with the help of people who really know what they are doing including friends and neighbours.  We have discovered what neighbourliness and community really means since moving to this area and whether it's topping our fields and hedges or the impromptu present of a barn owl nesting box you really get that heart-warming feeling that we are all in it together. 

We are happy to share what we have learned so far and on Thursdays and Fridays, our landsman Robin  will be happy to share his knowledge of our land and the broader area using his knowledge as a farmer, gardener and ex-National Trust warden.

Currently we have a growing flock of sheep and Spring gives you the opportunity to join us in lambing, bottle-feeding lambs, shearing and rolling fleeces.

Join us at feeding time for our micro pigs, Pinky and Perky.  Come in the pen and make sure that they have a satisfying scratch. 

Help us collect eggs from our brood of hens in the morning and wonder at the straight backs of our Indian Runner Ducks and why they don't fall over backwards (apparently they can do!).

Ducks, geese and a cheeky guinea fowl make up the rest of the contingent whilst you are guaranteed a warm welcome from our Sprocker puppy, Ruby. 

Who knows what we might have added to the menagerie by the time you arrive!


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